The Young Audiences New Jersey & Eastern Pennsylvania have been working to keep the arts alive since 1973. By exposing children to the wide range of arts and all of the possibilities for using them, this not-for-profit organization is expanding minds and inspiring youth to be creative. As arts are increasingly cut from school budgets, this organization is taking the mantle as champions of what has helped define different cultures.

GENETIC was honored to participate in the Dazzle 2016 gala. It was a special, black-tie event that raised nearly $200,000 in support of the not-for-profit. The gala focused on dancing, offering a spectacular show and a dance competition. The overwhelming consensus was that the event was both highly entertaining and inspiring as people are reminded that the arts are about more than paintings on a wall or classical instruments. The gala was a success on several fronts, from raising money to support the organization’s mission to inspiring families about the potential of getting involved to promoting the many positive aspects of the available programs.

GENETIC was lucky to be a part of this extraordinary event. Though it was a challenge, it was the kind that inspires thinking outside of the box. Our company provided several audio visual services, including the lighting that allowed the audience to enjoy the stellar dancing and the sound systems that kept dancers and audience alike invested in the entertainment. The way to know that the efforts were successful was that all of the audio visual portions of the program were seamless.

When an audio visual company does it right, the audience seldom notices the elements that bring it together, they just know it was an amazing event, and that is the way it should be.

“The team at GENETIC’s attention to detail, expert professionalism and can-do work ethic made our annual dancing with the stars themed gala a dazzling success! They were a pleasure to work with and we can’t wait to work with them again on our next event.” -Event Coordinator for Dazzle 2016

GENETIC offers a number of audio visual services for a wide range of needs. From creative lighting and lighting designs to audio systems, the company is passionate about making sure the work exceeds the expectations for events and ceremonies. GENETIC has offices in New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC.