There are a number of different sign materials that can be used for an event, for the purpose of advertising your brand. Depending on the event and your needs, it can be confusing when it comes to deciding what will work best. Static clings and vinyl decals are two items that can be used to brand your event but they are very different in nature. They do have one thing in common however, and that is they are two of the most popular sign options currently available.

Vinyl Decals
Basically a heavy sticker, vinyl decals are made of a thin plastic material. These decals stick to a variety of surfaces including metal, glass, plastic, wood, etc. making them easy to use at your next event. Also:
-Vinyl decals can be used outside thanks to their weatherproof nature.
-You can remove vinyl stickers but it can be a bit challenging without the proper tools (A heat source of some sort).

Static Clings
Also a thin plastic film, these clings utilize static electricity to stick themselves to a surface. Keep in mind:
-Static clings are not necessarily weather proof so you may want to use them indoors.
-Much easier to remove, static clings can be moved and reused over again without using heat or other chemicals.

Branding your event with static clings vs. vinyl decals depends on the nature of your event. For something more permanent, you may want to choose vinyl, but if you will be on the go with your branding then static cling is the better option.

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