Large scale events such as weddings, benefits or conventions benefit greatly from a high quality, well planned lighting design concepts. This lighting is what can help create the perfect atmosphere for an event and can set the perfect mood when you walk through the door. That design work is what creates a lasting first impression. When social event lighting design is done properly, the design of the rest of the event can easily fall into place.

Types Of Social Event Lighting

There are many different directions that can be taken with lighting options. Some of the different types of lighting include:


This has become a very popular lighting design for social events, especially weddings. Lights are placed on the ground or floor and pointed upwards toward the ceiling for a dramatic effect using multiple colors and shades. Often times this look works really well in a dimly lit room, where the focal point is the ceiling’s effects.

Pin Spotting

Very effective, yet very affordable, pin spot lighting is the use of very small lights to highlight a certain item like a cake, a sign, a display table and so on. You can quickly bring attention to a certain spot in a room with pin spotting.

Textured Lighting

Many lighting companies are using textured washes and patterns in their light designs to transform a plain and boring space into something magical. With this form of lighting, a pattern can be displayed on a dance floor, on the wall, on the ceiling or just about anywhere.

Most people are unable to come up with the lighting design for their social event on their own, but luckily there are a number of professional creative lighting companies that can transform any space into what you envision using a variety of colors, intensities, etc. GENETIC is a creative lighting design and production company with offices in New York City, NY, Philadelphia, PA, and Washington, DC.

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