Setting up a stage can be an exhausting and intricate process. Finding the perfect stage lighting design often takes a lot of time and money. What if there was a more cost-efficient and quicker way to do the same thing? Well, there is. It’s called 3D rendering, a computer-based design module that has the capacity to create exactly what you need and want to set the perfect stage for your production.

Advanced developments in 3D rendering for stage lighting design has given us the ability to provide you with effective and precise stage atmosphere. Based on what you’re production requires – and what you’d like the audience to take away from it – we can work with you to craft the perfect performance platform.

In addition to saving you time and money, using 3D rendering in stage lighting design can:

  • Enhance a stage setting’s use of shadow volume, imbuing an event, performance or scene with dramatic flair or somber effect.
  • Take stage lighting design in the other direction and add elements of brightness for optimal spotlighting and other desired aesthetics.
  • Help create audience sight lines and arrange proper seating to provide your guests with a memorable and satisfying experience.

When you’re looking for the best in lighting design and production, look toward us. GENETIC specializes in creative lighting, astounding audio and flawless visuals. Our offices are located in New York City, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C., GENETIC is committed to creating innovating solutions for our clients along the East Coast and all over the globe. If the world is a stage, GENETIC is here to make sure it shines.

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