Pin spotting is a creative design lighting technique that makes a significant difference in the look and feel of your event. You put so much thought into the décor, from standout centerpieces to dramatic focal points, but low light levels, lighting effects, and shadowing can hide these accents. To ensure your guests are captivated by the every detail you need pin spots. These small, unobtrusive lights accent items that otherwise wouldn’t stand out. Use them to highlight centerpieces, illuminate floral arrangements, and call attention to key points.

In addition to highlighting your décor, pin spotting can help set the perfect mood. The purpose of creative design lighting is as much about achieving the right feel as it is about the way it looks. Pin spots give you a simple but dramatic way to compliment the mood you are trying to achieve. They can help you balance the lighting at table settings or enhance candlelight around the room. You can use pin spotting to add drama with spotlighting or add glamor by calling attention to glittery elements.

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