a/v production

Video monitors and LED video displays for Event Productions

Quality A/V production at non-profit galas and corporate parties has now become the norm and it’s a great way to engage your guests throughout your entire space. 

Video monitors carry your keynote speaker’s message clear across the room and provide a comfortable program experience for your guests. No more “bad views” of the stage and craning necks. Using industry standard equipment like Barco, Christie, Panasonic, and Roland, we ensure that the A/V production of your event is top notch.

Projection Video Mapping: The World is Your Canvas

Projection video mapping is a state-of-the-art production technique that is gaining popularity in hotel and casino installations, concert productions, and events.

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Projection video mapping is a favorite technique used all the time by the production teams for Radiohead and Jay-Z and the event producers of the Olympics.

Projection video mapping utilizes projectors and custom projection software to turn any surface into a video screen. You can use projection video mapping to project video directly onto the wall of your venue, the side of the building and almost any kind of surface. The possibilities to wow your guests are endless.

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